Art is the means by which we are reminded of beauty, tragedy and our absurdities. It teaches us about ourselves. Things that we might not have known, or truths that we may have otherwise overlooked. It is in this spirit of understanding the human condition that my work is rooted.

I am inspired by the opportunity to translate experience unfettered, in the absence of formula. Exploring all possibilities without hesitation, no matter where it may lead. Because of this freedom, I find myself uncommitted to any one mode or medium. Through research and contemplation, a project reveals itself, each experience inheriting its own process. This balance between premeditation and intuition is important to me. It allows me to explore things I may not have otherwise conceived. Each challenge stimulating my curiosities, or leading me to new techniques.

No matter how I resolve a project, I hope my art encourages people to engage their imagination, not limit themselves to mine. I am but a composer of possibilities.

Currently I have been focusing on a project that has become my magnum opus, Lobhta. After spending more than a decade researching and designing off-grid architecture I have decided to start an organization that focuses on environmental design and concepts. It’s mission will be to economize how we function as a society by creating a new model that gives future generations a reasonable chance to not only survive, but thrive in a post-peak oil era. I believe that through intelligent design and honest resolve, people can live together graciously with a quality of life that doesn’t sacrifice the health of the planet.

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