Multi-disciplinary artist, graphic designer, architect, polymath or Renaissance man. These are some of the terms that captures my creative identity and work processes. With a wide spectrum of interests that include investigating the human condition, designing green architecture, to sharing my personal experiences through art, I embrace any opportunity that allows me to grow and learn. In particular subjects that address the challenges facing humanity in the twenty first century.




Graphic Design





My background in graphic design starts at NSCAD in the early 1990s. It is here that I studied visual communications. After which I worked several years for Apollo Artworks before I began working as a contract designer.

In the early 2000s I completed a course to understand HTML and CSS. Having previous knowledge of the Adobe programs I began making my own websites using Dreamweaver.  Later on I switched to using WordPress and applied my understanding of code to modify the 2017 theme. Currently I manage three websites for personal projects.









Art is the means by which we are reminded of beauty, tragedy and our absurdities. It teaches us about ourselves. Things that we might not have known, or truths that we may have otherwise overlooked. It is in this spirit of understanding the human condition that my work is rooted.


I am inspired by the opportunity to translate experience unfettered, in the absence of formula. Exploring all possibilities without hesitation, no matter where it may lead. Because of this freedom, I find myself uncommitted to any one mode or medium. Through research and contemplation, a project reveals itself, each experience inheriting its own process. This balance between premeditation and intuition is important to me. It allows me to explore things I may not have otherwise conceived. Each challenge stimulating my curiosities, or leading me to new techniques.


No matter how I resolve a project, I hope my art encourages people to engage their imagination, not limit themselves to mine. I am but a composer of possibilities.






If you have a project that requires a creative eye, rich imagination and attention to detail then send a message in the form below. I accept graphic design jobs for both digital and print. You can also contact me if you are interested in one of the artworks or would like to commission a site specific piece. Thank you for your interest and I will reply as soon as I can.









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