My art is rooted in experience and process.

For me, art is both the exploration and translation of the human condition. It is the means by which we are reminded of beauty, tragedy and our absurdities. It can teach us something about ourselves that we might not have known, or reveal truths that may have otherwise been overlooked.

It is in this posture of art that I find inspiration. The opportunity to translate experience unfettered, in the absence of formula. Exploring all possibilities without hesitation, no matter where it may lead. Like the rewriting of history, knowledge changes truths, and knowledge is found in the unknown.

Because of this freedom, I find myself uncommitted to any one mode or medium. Through research and contemplation, a project reveals itself, each experience inheriting its own process. This balance between premeditation and intuition is important to me. It allows me to explore things I may not have otherwise conceived. Each challenge stimulating my curiosities, or leading me to new techniques.

No matter how I resolve a project, I hope my art encourages people to engage their imagination, not limit themselves to mine.

I am but a composer of possibilities.





If you are interested in acquiring a piece of work or would like a private viewing in the studio send a message and I’ll get back as soon as I can. Thank you.