My interest in architecture began at a young age, where I would spend countless hours designing homes, outdoor spaces and furniture that existed outside the norm. As I grew older I began to focus on green architecture and off-grid living. With this maturing I became increasingly invested in addressing the current issues facing humanity in the twenty first century through design.

Currently I have been focusing on a project that has become my magnum opus, Lobhta. After spending more than a decade researching and designing off-grid architecture I have decided to start an organization that focuses on environmental design and concepts. Its mission will be to economize how we function as a society by creating a new model that gives future generations a reasonable chance to not only survive, but thrive in a post-peak oil era. I believe that through intelligent design and honest resolve, people can live together graciously with a quality of life that doesn’t sacrifice the health of the planet.

You can visit the Lobhta website to see my designs and concepts.