House of Cards collection

These three large panels are an exploration into the possibility of a drawing existing independently from the two dimensional plain. To achieve this I mounted paper onto large panels, wrapped around the sides without any frames. Then I created three large drawings using a rich black conté for contrast. The trio was then exhibited in a white room, each on its own wall with no other objects present. When entering the space the viewer was presented with nothing more than these bold objects. The subject matter deals with generational child abuse, where the most vulnerable are at the mercy of their elders.



Hubris collection

These five drawings are about our thirst for energy, in particular oil and the lengths we will go to in retrieving it. I wanted people to reflect upon their own participation in gambling with the health of the environment. Three months after these works were completed we witnessed one of the greatest environmental disasters. The Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico, galvanizing the need for us to start rethinking our life styles.




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